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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Molecular and thermal characterization of starches isolated from African rice (Oryza glaberrima)Gayin, J.; Bertoft, E.; Manful, J. T.; Yada, R. Y.; Abdel-Aal, E. S. M.
2015Classification of rice based on statistical analysis of pasting properties and apparent amylose content: the case of Oryza glaberrima accessions from AfricaGayin, J.; Chandi, G. K.; Manful, J. T.; Seetharaman, K.
2016Unit and internal chain profile of African rice (Oryza glaberrima) amylopectinGayin, J.; Abdel-Aal, E. S. M.; Manful, J. T.; Bertoft, E.
2009Rheological and sensory properties of rice varieties from improvement programmes in GhanaGayin, J.; Manful, J. T.; Johnson, P. N. T.
2009Influence of electrolytes on the heat-induced swelling of aqueous dispersions of native wheat starch granulesZhu, W. X.; Gayin, J.; Chatel, F.; Dewettinck, K.; Van der Meeren, P.
2014Diversity of global rice markets and the science required for consumer-targeted rice breedingCalingacion, M.; Laborte, A.; Nelson, A.; Resurreccion, A.; Concepcion, J. C.; Daygon, V. D.; Mumm, R.; Reinke, R.; Dipti, S.; Bassinello, P. Z.; Manful, J. T.; Sophany, S.; Lara, K. C.; Bao, J.; Xie, L.; Loaiza, K.; El-hissewy, A.; Gayin, J.; Sharma, N.; Rajeswari, S.; Manonmani, S.; Rani, N. S.; Kota, S.; Indrasari, S. D.; Habibi, F.; Hosseini, M.; Tavasoli, F.; Suzuki, K.; Umemoto, T.; Boualaphanh, C.; Lee, H. H.; Hung, Y. P.; Ramli, A.; Aung, P. P.; Ahmad, R.; Wattoo, J. I.; Bandonill, E.; Romero, M.; Brites, C. M.; Hafeel, R.; Lur, H. S.; Cheaupun, K.; Jongdee, S.; Jongdee, S.; Blanco, P.; Bryant, R.; Lang, N. T.; Hall, R. D.; Fitzgerald, M.
2007Study of sensory evaluation, consumer acceptability, affordability and market price of riceTomlins, K. I.; Manful, J. T.; Gayin, J.; Kudjawu, B. D.; Tamakloe, I.
2008Effect of variable parboiling on crystallinity of rice samplesManful, J. T.; Grimm, C. C.; Gayin, J.; Coker, R. D.
2010Building the capacity of farmer based organisation for sustainable rice farming in Northern GhanaQuaye, W.; Yawson, I.; Manful, J. T.; Gayin, J.
2009Characteristics of various cassava processing methods and the adoption requirements in GhanaQuaye, W.; Gayin, J.; Yawson, I.; Plahar, W. A.