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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Accreditation towards quality productsAbbey, L. D.; Andoh, A.2010Other
Assessment of effect of draught control mechanism on the performance of the chorkor smokerNerquaye-Tetteh, G. A.; Abbey, L. D.1993Technical Report
Assessment of the opportunities for increasing the marketing of freshwater fish from Yeji in GhanaAbbey, L. D.; Allotey, L. D.1998Other
Biochemical composition of some marine fish species of GhanaObodai, E. A.; Abbey, L. D.; MacCarthy, C.2009Article
Calibration of marconi moisture meter type of 933C for pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)Abbey, L. D.1986Technical Report
Characterization of the gelatin of the flying gurnard (Dactylopterus volitans) and its interaction with starchAbbey, L. D.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Howell, N. K.2008Article
Continuous technology development on low PAH stove: ahotor ovenNketia, S.; Kwarteng, E.; Estra, H.; Abbey, L. D.; Amponsah, S. K. K.; Morrison, A.2017Technical Report
Development and acceptability of Ghanaian snacks nutritionally enhanced using prawn head powderAbbey, L. D.1990Thesis
Development of low cost nutrient dense fish products based on low value fish and fish byproducts using small and medium scale processing and preservation methods that stabilize the nutritional value and ensure the safety of the productAbbey, L. D.; Glover-Amengor, M.; Atikpo, M. O.; Manu, S.; Atter, A.; Toppe, J.; Kiran, M.2015Other
Development of value-added products from anchovies in GhanaAbbey, L. D.1998Other
Effect of artisanal parboiling methods on milling yield and cooked rice textural characteristicsManful, J. T.; Abbey, L. D.; Coker, R. D.2009Article
Effect of blanching and frying on textural profile and appearance of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) french friesGraham-Acquaah, S.; Ayernor, G. S.; Bediako-Amoa, B.; Saalia, F. S.; Afoakwa, E. O.; Abbey, L. D.2015Article
Effect of marketing practices on the quality of fresh fish in GhanaHodari-Okae, M. A.; Abbey, L. D.; Osei-Yaw, A.1991Technical Report
Effect of marketing practices on the quality of fresh fish landed in GhanaHodari-Okae, M. A.; Abbey, L. D.; Osei-Yaw, A.1998Other
Food safety: theme for this year's world health day - how safe are the foods we buy on the streets?Andoh, A. H.; Ackah, N. B.; Abbey, L. D.2015Other
Improving hot air processing of fish using the chorkor smoker: development of an improved smoking oven "Afrismo-150"Blay, D.; Atikpo, M. O.; Abbey, L. D.2005Technical Report
Improving the utilisation and quality of low value fish (Brachydeuterus auritus and Dactylopterus volitans) by processingAbbey, L. D.2005Thesis
Infuence of gamma radiation on some textural properties of fresh and dried oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)Kortei, N. K.; Odamtten, G. T.; Obodai, M.; Appiah, V.; Abbey, L. D.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.; Akonor, P. T.2015Article
Instrumental and sensory texture profile attributes of fufu from cassava-plantain flourOduro-Yeboah, C.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Sakyi-Dawson, E.; Abbey, L. D.2007Article
Let's adopt and implement the draft national food safety policyAndoh, A. H.; Ackah, N. B.; Abbey, L. D.2015Other