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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Handbook of street-vended foods in GhanaJohnson, P. N. T.; Tortoe, C.; Quayson, E. T.2006Other
Improving the preservation, marketability and utilisation of traditional Ghanaian leafy vegetables for use as sources of micronutrientsJohnson, P. N. T.2001Technical Report
Influence of pre-treatments on the desorption isotherm characteristics of plantainJohnson, P. N. T.2004Article
Influence of pretreatments and storage conditions of taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schoot) on functional properties of its floursBaidoo, E. A.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Budu, A. S.2010Article
Influence of wood species on moist sawdust storage of fresh tomatoesJohnson, P. N. T.; Hodari-Okae, M. A.; Amoako, B.; Baidoo, P. O.1992Technical Report
Influence of wood species on moist sawdust storage of tomatoesJohnson, P. N. T.; Hodari-Okae, M. A.1999Article
Instituting elements of good manufacturing and good hygienic practices for street food vendors in Ghana: a trainer's manual (module one)Johnson, P. N. T.; Atikpo, M. O.2004Other
Institutional lessons from the patnership to improve food safety management and livelihoods of street food vendors and consumers in GhanaJohnson, P. N. T.; Adebayo, K. A.; Atikpo, M. O.; Essel, K.; Ellis, W. O.; Awwudza, J.; Tomlins, K. I.2007Article
Instrumental and sensory texture profile attributes of fufu from cassava-plantain flourOduro-Yeboah, C.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Sakyi-Dawson, E.; Abbey, L. D.2007Article
Kendall`s concordance analysis of sensory descriptors influencing consumer preference for sweet potatoes in GhanaSugri, I.; Nutsugah, S. K.; Wiredu, A. N.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Aduguba, D.2012Article
Kinetics of moisture absorption by plantain flourJohnson, P. N. T.; Brennan, J. G.2000Article
Maize quality requirements of producers of six traditional Ghanaian maize productsJohnson, P. N. T.; Halm, M.1998Article
Manual on fufu flour productionJohnson, P. N. T.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.; Tortoe, C.2006Other
Market testing of a major cassava flour product in the Accra metropolitan areaJumah, A.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Quayson, E. T.; Tortoe, C.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.2008Article
Marketing systems of traditional leafy vegetables and some socio-economic considerations: a case study at Bawku, Tamale and Kumasi marketsGyasi, O.; Quaye, W.; Obeng-Asiedu, P.; Johnson, P. N. T.2001Technical Report
Moisture sorption isotherm characteristics of plantain (Musa, AAB)Johnson, P. N. T.; Brennan, J. G.2000Article
Non-chemical methods of controlling stored product insects in the tropics: a reviewJohnson, P. N. T.1987Technical Report
Physicochemical changes during storage of dehydrated plantain slices packaged in two polymeric film pouchesJohnson, P. N. T.1998Article
Physicochemical characterization of four commercial rice varieties in GhanaDiako, C.; Manful, J. T.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Sakyi-Dawson, E.; Bediako-Amoa, B.; Saalia, F. K.2011Article
Physicochemical, proximate and sensory properties of organic side-stream pineapple (Ananas sp.) flourTortoe, C.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Slaghek, T.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.; Addo, P. A.; Nyarko, A.; Tamakloe, I.2014Article