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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
2021 report on the smallfish projectAtter, A.; Andoh-Odoom, A.; Ampah, J.; Akonor, P. T.; Owusu, M.2022Technical Report
Anchovy powder enrichment in brown rice-based instant cereal: a process optimization study using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)Akonor, P. T.; Atter, A.; Owusu, M.; Ampah, J.; Andoh-Odoom, A.; Overa, R.; Kjellevoid, M.; Pucher, J.; Kolding, J.2021Article
Antibacterial activity of irradiated powdered Tetrapleura tetraptera fruit and the moisture sorption isotherm of the whole fruiDarfour, B.; Ofosu, D. O.; Asare, I. K.; Ofori, H.; Agbemafle, E.; Atter, A.2015Article
Assessment of the volume seafood waste generation, utilization and management system from selected seafood processing companies in Ghana: a case studyAsiamah, E.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.; Mboom, F. P.; Atter, A.; Idun-Acquah, N. N.; Nkansah, J2022Article
Bottling of burukutu: improving the safety and shelf life of burukutu, a traditional sorghum beerAtter, A.; Obiri-Danso, K.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.2015Other
Cashew fruit: adding value for food securityAckah, N. B.; Barreto, A. L. H.; Buckman, E. S.; Appiah, A. H. K.; Andoh-Odoom, A. H.; Atter, A.; Amoo-Gyasi, M.; Annan, T.; Sallah, D.2017Technical Report
Cashew fruit: adding value for food securityAckah, N. B.; Buckman, E. S.; Appiah, A. H. K.; Andoh Odoom, A. H.; Atter, A.; Annan, T.; Amoo-Gyasi, M.; Sallah, D.2017Other
Chemical composition butternut squash and microbial quality of butternut squash flourAndoh-Odoom, A. H.; Ackah, N. B.; Atter, A.; Annan, T.; Baisel, D. K.; Amoo-Gyasi, M.; Appiah, A. H. K.; Boham-Dako, M.; Ofori, J.; Amey, N. K.; Tawiah, E.2017Technical Report
Comparison of the microbial composition of African fermented foods using amplicon sequencingDiaz, M.; Kellingray, L.; Akinyemi, N.; Adefiranye, O, O.; Olaonipekun, A. B.; Bayili, G. R.; Ibezim, J.; du Plessis, A. S.; Houngbédji, M.; Kamya, D.; Mukisa, I. M.; Mulaw, G.; Josiah, S. M.; Chienjo, W. O.; Atter, A.; Agbemafle, E.; Annan, T.; Ackah, N. B.; Buys, E. M.; Hounhouigan, D. J.; Muyanja, C.; Nakavuma, J.; Odeny, D. A.; Sawadogo-Lingani, H.; Tefera, A. T.; Amoa-Awua, W.; Obodai, M.; Mayer, M. J.; Oguntoyinbo, F. A.; Narbad, A.2019Article
Composition of nutrients, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and microbiological quality in processed small indigenous fish species from Ghana: implications for food securityHasselberg, A. E.; Wessels, L.; Aakre, I.; Reich, F.; Atter, A.; Steiner-Asiedu, M.; Amponsah, S.; Pucher, J.; Kjellevold, M.2020Article
Consumer preference for rice and chicken meat from different originsOwusu, M.; Atter, A.; Arthur, W.; Boateng, C.; Padi, A.; Agbezudor, J.2018Other
Development of low cost nutrient dense fish products based on low value fish and fish byproducts using small and medium scale processing and preservation methods that stabilize the nutritional value and ensure the safety of the productAbbey, L. D.; Glover-Amengor, M.; Atikpo, M. O.; Manu, S.; Atter, A.; Toppe, J.; Kiran, M.2015Other
Draft Genome Sequences of Pseudomonas sp. Isolates recovered from Ghanaian fish food samples in 2018Wessels, L.; Reich, F.; Schmoger, S.; Atter, A.; Kasbohrer, A.; Hammeri, J. A.2021Article
Effect of fermentation on the chemical quality of burukutu a traditional beer in GhanaAtter, A.; Obiri-Danso, K.; Anyebuno, G. A. A.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.2017Article
The effectiveness of water, salt and vinegar in reducing the bacteria population in fresh green cabbageAtter, A.; Amewowor, D.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.2014Article
Fish feed storage and handling practicesAtter, A.; Anyebuno, G. A. A.; Oduro-Obeng, H.; Amponsah, S.; Arthur, W.; Tandoh, I.; Agyakwah, S. K.2017Other
Fish for food and nutrition security in Ghana: challenges and opportunitiesHasselberg, A. E.; Aakre, I.; Scholtens, J.; Overa, R.; Kolding, J.; Bank, M. S.; Atter, A.; Kjellevold, M.2020Article
Healthy Food Africa Project Report - 2021Atter, A.; Blessie, E. J.; Nketia, S.; Andoh-Odoom, A.; Nyako, J.; Owusu, M.; Akonor, P. T.; Ofori, H.; Ampah, J.; Bugyei, K. A.; Obodai, M.; Amoa-Awua, W.2021Technical Report
Lactobacillus garii sp. nov., isolated from a fermented cassava productDiaz, M.; Sayavedra, L.; Atter, A.; Mayer, M. J.; Saha, S.; Amoa-Awua, W.; Narbad, A.2020Article
Manual for training quality control and assurance personnel: module oneAtter, A.; Owusu, M.; Ackah, N. B.; Annan, T.; Amoo-Gyasi, M.; Appiah, A. H. K.2016Other