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Aflatoxins in randomly selected groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea) and its products from some local markets across Ghana: human risk assessment and monitoringKortei, N. K.; Annan, T.; Akonor, P. T.; Richard, S. A.; Annan, H. A.; Wiafe-Kwagyan, M.; Ayim-Akonor, M.; Akpaloo, P. G.2021Article
Egg consumption: patterns, preferences and perceptions among consumers in Accra metropolitan areaAyim-Akonor, M.; Akonor, P. T.2014Article
Health risk assessment and levels of toxic metals in fishes (Oreochromis noliticus and Clarias anguillaris) from Ankobrah and Pra basins: impact of illegal mining activities on food safetyKortei, N. K.; Heymann, M. E.; Essuman, E. K.; Kpodo, F. M.; Akonor, P. T.; Lokpo, S. Y.; Boadi, N. O.; Ayim-Akonor, M.; Tettey, C.2020Article
Modeling the solar drying kinetics of gamma irradiation-pretreated oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)Kortei, N. K.; Odamtten, G. T.; Ayim-Akonor, M.; Akonor, P. T.2016Article
Potential health risk assessment of toxic metals contamination in clay eaten as pica (geophagia) among pregnant women of Ho in the Volta Region of GhanaKortei, N. K.; Koryo-Dabrah, A.; Akonor, P. T.; Manaphraim, N. Y. B.; Ayim-Akonor, M.; Boadi, N. O.; Essuman, E. K.; Tettey, C.2020Article
Preliminary shelf life studies of In-vitro antioxidant potential of gamma irradiated dried mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus Ex. Fries) Kummer in GhanaKortei, N. K.; Odamtten, G. T.; Appiah, V.; Obodai, M.; Narh Mensah, D. L.; Akonor, P. T.; Wiafe-Kwagyan, M.; Ayim-Akonor, M.; Adaboro, R. M.2016Article
Widespread exposure to infectious bronchitis virus and Mycoplasma gallisepticum in chickens in the Ga-East district of Accra, GhanaAyim-Akonor, M.; Obiri-Danso, K.; Akonor, P. T.; Sellers, H. S.2018Article