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Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in African red snapper (Lutjanus agennes) and cassava fish (Pseudotolithus senegalensis) caught off the Coast of Accra, GhanaOfori, H.; Diako, C.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.2012Article
Consumer perceptions knowledge and preferences for aromatic rice types in GhanaDiako, C.; Sakyi-Dawson, E.; Bediako-Amoa, B.; Saalia, F. K.; Manful, J. T.2010Article
Development and optimization of peanut chocolate spread for Ghanaian consumersDiako, C.; Buckman, E. S.; Plahar, W. A.; Saka, E. A.; Chinnan, M. S.; Florkowski, W. J.; Resurreccion, A. V. A.2012Other
Effect of boiling and roasting on the fermentation of soybeans into dawadawa (soy-dawadawa)Dakwa, S.; Sakyi-Dawson, E.; Diako, C.; Annan, N. T.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.2005Article
Effect of three cooking methods on the carotenoids, iron and zinc in two varieties of plantain, False Horn (Apentu) and French Horn (Apem)Johnson, P. N. T.; Quayson, E. T.; Diako, C.; Nyarko, A.; Annan, A. H.2007Technical Report
Essential oil composition of selected Ghanaian spicesDiako, C.; Amevor, W. K.2004Technical Report
Investigation of appropriate packaging material and shelf-life stability of Moringa oleifera leaf powderGlover-Amengor, M.; Diako, C.; Kyei-Baffour, V.2012Article
Iron content of twenty-five indigenous green leafy vegetablesDiako, C.2004Technical Report
Physicochemical characterization of four commercial rice varieties in GhanaDiako, C.; Manful, J. T.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Sakyi-Dawson, E.; Bediako-Amoa, B.; Saalia, F. K.2011Article
Quality characteristics and safety of smoke-flavoured waterTano-Debrah, K.; Amamoo-Otchere, J.; Karikari, A. Y.; Diako, C.2007Article
Sensory and physicochemical characterization of selected aromatic rice types in GhanaDiako, C.2009Thesis
Value-addition to kenkey, an indigenous African fermented food, targeting the international marketAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.; Metres, C.; Tomlins, K.; Bennet, B.; Obodai, M.; Annan, T.; Owusu, M.; Ofori, H.; Anyebuno, G. A. A.; Diako, C.; Tortoe, C.; Pallet, D.2012Other
Volatile compounds in selected spices commonly used in GhanaDiako, C.2004Technical Report
Volatile compounds of maari, a fermented product from baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) seedsParkouda, C.; Diawara, B.; Lowor, S.; Diako, C.; Saalia, F. K.; Annan, N. T.; Jensen, J. S.; Tano-Debrah, K.; Jakobsen, M.2011Article