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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Adoption of the improved maize storage crib by the small-scale farmer in Ghana: problems and prospectsHalm, M.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Vowotor, K. A.1989Other
The antimicrobial activity of lactic acid bacteria from fermented maize (kenkey) and their interactions during fermentationOlsen, A.; Halm, M.; Jakobsen, M.1995Article
Consumer preferences and fungal and mycotoxin contamination of dried cassava products from GhanaWareing, P. W.; Westby, A.; Gibbs, J. A.; Allotey, L. D.; Halm, M.2001Article
Drying and storage systems for maize at farm/village level: a case study modelled in S. W. NigeriaHalm, M.; Lorri, W.; Hikeezi, D.; Hasibuan, N.1980Technical Report
The effect of applying GMP and HACCP to traditional food processing at a semi-commercial kenkey production plant in GhanaAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Ngunjiri, P.; Anlobe, J.; Kpodo, K.; Halm, M.; Hayford, A. E.; Jakobsen, M.2007Article
Experiences in the application of HACCP to traditional food processing at a semi-commercial kenkey production plant in Accra, GhanaAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Ngunjiri, P.; Anlobe, J.; Kpodo, K. A.; Halm, M.; Jakobsen, M.2004Technical Report
Experiences with the use of a starter culture in the fermentation of maize for `kenkey` production in GhanaHalm, M.; Osei-Yaw, A.; Hayford, A.; Kpodo, K. A.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.1996Article
Fungal and aflatoxin contamination of maize stored in silos and warehouses in GhanaKpodo, K. A.; Halm, M.1990Technical Report
HACCP system for traditional African fermented foods: kenkeyAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Halm, M.; Jakobsen, M.1998Book
The inhibitory potential of dominating yeasts against moulds in maize fermentationHalm, M.; Olsen, A.1996Other
Investigation of the probiotic characteristics of Lactobacillus fermentum isolates from Ghanaian fermented maize doughHayford, A. E.; Halm, M.1998Technical Report
Kenkey: an African fermented maize productHalm, M.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.; Jakobsen, M.2004Other
Lactic acid tolerance determined by measurement of intracellular pH of single cells of Candida krusei and Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolated from fermented maize doughHalm, M.; Hornbaek, T.; Arneborg, N.; Sefa-Dedeh, S.; Jespersen, L.2004Article
Maize quality requirements of producers of six traditional Ghanaian maize productsJohnson, P. N. T.; Halm, M.1998Article
Microbial infestation of maize during storage in an ewe-barnHalm, M.1979Technical Report
Microbiological and aromatic characteristics of fermented maize doughs for kenkey production in GhanaHalm, M.; Lillie, A.; Sorensen, A. K.; Jakobsen, M.1993Article
Microbiological quality of baked meat piesHalm, M.1973Technical Report
Physical and microbiological quality of maize stored in silos and warehouses in GhanaHalm, M.1988Technical Report
Report on visit to CNRST IRSAT Department of food technology (DTA), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 16th June to 5th July 1997Halm, M.1997Other
Significance of yeasts and moulds occuring in maize dough fermentation for kenkey productionJespersen, L.; Halm, M.; Kpodo, K. A.; Jakobsen, M.1994Article