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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Annual technical report on CSIR-FRI/CAVA Project activities for the period April 2011 through February 2012Komlaga, G. A.; Glover-Amengor, M.2012Technical Report
An assessment of the Current Status of cassava processing and marketing in five selected districts in the Central, Volta and Northern regions of GhanaWordey, M. T.; Dziedzoave, N. T.; Komlaga, G. A.2015Other
Back-to-station report on USAID Peanut CRSP Project visit to University of Georgia, U. S. A.Komlaga, G. A.2012Technical Report
Building networks of smallholder cassava farmers around cassava processing industries: the CAVA experience 2019Mills, J.; Nyamekye, S. K.; Komlaga, G. A.2019Technical Report
C:AVA Project: first six month report (March to August 2009)Komlaga, G. A.; Glover-Amengor, M.2009Technical Report
Cassava market and value chain analysis: Ghana case studyKleih, U.; Phillips, D.; Wordey, M. T.; Komlaga, G. A.2013Technical Report
CAVA II Ghana Project completion reportKomlaga, G. A.; Dziedzoave, N. T.2019Technical Report
Comparative assessment of amylolytic and cellulolytic enzyme activity of malts prepared from tropical cerealsDziedzoave, N. T.; Graffham, A. J.; Westby, A.; Komlaga, G. A.2010Article
Comparative study between current practices on cassava drying by small-size enterprises in AfricaPrecoppe, M.; Komlaga, G. A.; Chapuis, A.; Muller, J.2020Article
Conflict resolution workshop and the development of a conflict resolution system for the cassava projectDziedzoave, N. T.; Gyato, C.; .Abusah, D.; Komlaga, G. A.2003Technical Report
Consultancy report on training of MOFA Agriculture college tutors on food processing, packaging and marketing technology at CSIR-Food Research InstituteOduro-Yeboah, C.; Komlaga, G. A.; Asiamah, E.; Najah, T.; Idun-Acquah, N. N.; Dowouna, J.; Andoh-Odoom, A. H.; Tawiah, E.; Arthur, W.; Mensah, D.; Dowouna, J.; Mireku Essel, E.; Amuzu, A.; Williams, S.2020Other
Consumer acceptability of wheat/cassava composite breadKomlaga, G. A.; Glover-Amengor, M.; Dziedzoave, N. T.; Hagan, L. L.2012Article
Cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms using cassava by-productsObodai, M.; Dzomeku, M.; Narh Mensah, D. L.; Takli, R. K.; Komlaga, G. A.; Dziedzoave, N. T.2014Other
Development of a community-owned-professionally managed (CoProM) system of management for cassava SME`SFrimpong, F.; Dziedzoave, N. T.; Komlaga, G. A.; Yawson, I.; Glover-Amengor, M.; Kudjawu, B. D.2005Technical Report
Development of a public relations strategy for sustaining the interest of stakeholders in project activitiesGlover-Amengor, M.; Dziedzoave, N. T.; Komlaga, G. A.; Yawson, I.; Kudjawu, B. D.; Gyato, C.2005Technical Report
Development of methods for growing mushrooms from the waste from cassava peelObodai, M.; Komlaga, G. A.; Dzomeku, M.; Narh, D. L.; Takli, R. K.; Dziedzoave, N. T.2013Technical Report
Development of methods for making high quality yam flourDziedzoave, N. T.; Sanni, L. O.; Wahab, B. A.; Owo, H. O.; Adebowale, A. A.; Sobukola, O. P.; Obadina, O. A.; Kajihausa, O. A.; Adegunwa, M. O.; Komlaga, G. A.; Dowuona, S.2014Technical Report
Effect of harvest age of cassava roots and sweet potato tubers on alcohol yieldKomlaga, G. A.; Oduro, I.; Ellis, W. O.; Dziedzoave, N. T.2021Article
Equipment operation and maintenance for the production process of high quality cassava flourTortoe, C.; Gyato, C.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.; Baidoo, E. A.; Vowotor, K. A.; Komlaga, G. A.; Kudjawu, B. D.; Mensah, B. A.; Glover-Amengor, M.2009Other
Factory visits and participatory trials on the production of high quality cassava flour (HQCF), rice malts and glucose syrupsKomlaga, G. A.; Abusah, D. D.; Gyato, C.; Dziedzoave, N. T.; Kudjawu, B. D.2004Technical Report