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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Consultancy report on training of MOFA Agriculture college tutors on food processing, packaging and marketing technology at CSIR-Food Research InstituteOduro-Yeboah, C.; Komlaga, G. A.; Asiamah, E.; Najah, T.; Idun-Acquah, N. N.; Dowouna, J.; Andoh-Odoom, A. H.; Tawiah, E.; Arthur, W.; Mensah, D.; Dowouna, J.; Mireku Essel, E.; Amuzu, A.; Williams, S.2020Other
Fabrication of a millet washing machineNketia, S.; Ampah, J.; Agblo, E. T.; Bempong, O,; Idun-Acquah, N. N.; Mensah, D.; Anak, L.; Kpabitey, E.2019Technical Report
Managing network infrastructure with a small business serverBugyei, K. A.; Kavi, R. K.; Braimah, R.; Mensah, D.2018Technical Report
Physiochemical and functional properties of plantain, cocoyam, yam flours and maize flour production using a drum dryerOduro-Yeboah, C.; Arthur, W.; Amponsah, S. K. K.; Sampare, A. S.; Yakubu, M.; Addo, P.; Dowuona, S.; Mensah, D.; Delabor, P.2017Technical Report
Report on cost estimation of drying cocoyam slurry per hour using the Andritz Gouda contact drum dryerIdun-Acquah, N. N.; Sampare, A. S.; Mensah, D.; Ampah, J.2017Technical Report
Report on power consumption by laboratories in CSIR-Food Research InstituteIdun-Acquah, N. N.; Mensah, D.2018Technical Report
Report on the operation cost estimation of the extrusion plantIdun-Acquah, N. N.; Mensah, D.2019Technical Report
Technical report on the assessment of improved drying systems for high quality cassava productsTeye, F.; Dziedzoave, N. T.; Ampah, J.; Komlaga, G. A.; Mensah, D.; Agblo, E. T.; Bempong, O.2014Technical Report
Technical report on the construction of an electric-powdered cabinet dryer at CSIR-Food Research InstituteAmpah, J.; Idun-Acquah, N. N.; Agblo, E. T.; Bempong, O.; Mensah, D.; Anak, L.; Quayson, A.2018Technical Report
Technical report on trainings on advanced fruits drying and fruit juice, marmalade, jamNajah, T.; Cindy, W.; Akonor, P. T.; Arthur, W.; Idun-Acquah, N. N.; Gyasi, C. B.; Mensah, D.; Dowuona, S.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.2021Technical Report
Training manual for fruit dryingIdun-Acquah, N. N.; Baffour Gyasi, L. K.; Mensah, D.; Najah, T.; Dowuona, S.2021Other
Training manual on extruded cereal (maize and millet) snacksIdun-Acquah, N. N.; Baffour Gyasi, L. C.; Mensah, D.; Najah, T.; Dogbey, E.2021Other
User manual for drying equipmentIdun-Acquah, N. N.; Mensah, D.; Baffour, C. L.; Oduro-Yeboah, C.2017Other