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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Behavior of Malondialdehyde and Its Whey Protein Adducts during In Vitro Simulated Gastrointestinal DigestionVandemoortele, A.; Babat, P.; Yakubu, M.; DeMeulenaer, B.2020Article
Cassava processing into improved gari and agbelima flour for export marketsTortoe, C.; Nketia, S.; Yakubu, M.2019Other
CSIR-Food Research Technologies at a glanceYakubu, M.; Nketia, S.2018Other
Fruit drying technologyYakubu, M.; Nketia, S.; Tortoe, C.2019Other
Fufu flour technologyYakubu, M.; Nketia, S.; Tortoe, C.2019Other
The influence of digestion on the behaviour of MDA in oil-in-water emulsionsYakubu, M.2015Thesis
Mushroom technologyYakubu, M.; Nketia, S.; Tortoe, C.2019Other
Physiochemical and functional properties of plantain, cocoyam, yam flours and maize flour production using a drum dryerOduro-Yeboah, C.; Arthur, W.; Amponsah, S. K. K.; Sampare, A. S.; Yakubu, M.; Addo, P.; Dowuona, S.; Mensah, D.; Delabor, P.2017Technical Report
Reactivity of free malondialdehyde during in vitro simulated gastrointestinal digestionVandemoortele, A.; Babat, P.; Yakubu, M.; Meulenaer, B. D.2017Article
Reducing post-harvest losses in the food production industry in Ghana for food security: processing locally produced tomato varieties into value added tomato-based productsAsiedu, G. A.; Kyereh, E.; Wahaga, E.; Akonor, P. T.; Yakubu, M.; Annan, T.; Ampah, J.2020Technical Report
Report on roots and tuber training: cassava value additionYakubu, M.; Nketia, S.; Tortoe, C.2019Other
Report on Teeal, Agora and Hinari training-of-trainer workshop held in CSIR-INSTI, Accra from1st-3rd November 2011Kavi, R. K.; Bugyei, K. A.; Yakubu, M.2011Technical Report
Report on training workshop on developing and managing institutional repositories using agridrupal and agriocean Dspace tools held in CSIR-INSTI, Accra from 1st-4th July 2013Kavi, R. K.; Bugyei, K. A.; Yakubu, M.2013Technical Report
Shea butter processing training manualYakubu, M.; Tortoe, C.; Nketia, S.; Mboom, F. P.2018Other
Skills and technology acquisition in modern gari processingYakubu, M.; Tortoe, C.; Nketia, S.2019Other