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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Acceptance of biotechnology and social-cultural implications in GhanaQuaye, W.; Yawson, I.; Yawson, R. M.; Williams, I. E.2009Article
Agricultural biotechnology, poverty reduction and food security in GhanaYawson, R. M.2004Article
The brunt of rice imports: a case for the dev. of local rice productionManful, J. T.; Yawson, R. M.2005Other
Challenges of food availability, policy and implementation and the role of CSIR agricultural sector in science, technology and innovation in GhanaAtikpo, M. O.; Yawson, R. M.2010Technical Report
Climate change and food security: the role of bitechnologyQuaye, W.; Yawson, R. M.; Ayeh, E. S.; Yawson, I.2012Article
Developing a performance measurement framework to enhance the impact orientation of the Food Research Institute, GhanaYawson, R. M.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.; Sutherland, A. J.; Smith, D. R.; Noamesi, S. K.2006Article
Feasibility of a logistic system to improve the market value of fruits and vegetables in Ghana, using Dutch technologyVan der Vecht, C.; Verboom, R.; Sijm, S.; Adu-Amankwa, P. A.; Amoah, B.; Guri, B.; Taabazuing, J.; Larte, W.; Yawson, R. M.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Plahar, W. A.2002Technical Report
Food safety action plan for maizePlahar, W. A.; Kpodo, K. A.; Yawson, R. M.; Quaye, W.2005Other
Institutionalising performance management in R&D organisations: key concepts and aspectsYawson, R. M.; Sutherland, A. J.2010Article
The place of technology based incubators in Ghana's economic developmentYawson, R. M.2002Other
Report on workshop for stakeholders, policymakers and regulators of street food vending in AccraJohnson, P. N. T.; Yawson, R. M.2000Technical Report
A stakeholder approach to investigating public perception and attitudes towards agricultural biotechnology in GhanaYawson, R. M.; Quaye, W.; Williams, I. E.; Yawson, I.2008Article
Technology commercialisation and intellectual property rights in GhanaYawson, R. M.2002Other