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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Adaptation of Fateco planetary roaster for roasting gariAttiogbe, D. M.
2009Adoption and impact of high quality bambara flour (HQBF) technology in the Northern Region of GhanaQuaye, W.; Yawson, I.; Plahar, W. A.
2019The adoption of improved cowpea varieties in Northern GhanaWahaga, E.
1989Adoption of the improved maize storage crib by the small-scale farmer in Ghana: problems and prospectsHalm, M.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Vowotor, K. A.
2001Aflatoxin contamination of foods in West African countriesKpodo, K. A.; Hald, B.; Jakobsen, M.
2005Aflatoxin contamination of maize, peanuts and their products in Accra, GhanaKpodo, K. A.; Allotey, E. A.; Antonio, S.; Anyebuno, G. A. A.
2012Aflatoxin elimination in peanut products, for food security in AfricaChinnan, M. S.; Anyebuno, G. A. A.; Florkowski, W. J.; Resurreccion, A. V. A.
2015Aflatoxin levels in maize and maize products on the Ghanaian marketKyei-Baffour, V.; Dogbe, F. K.
1983The agribusiness system of Ghana: the case of cassava/cassava productsQuartey, C. K.
2004Agricultural biotechnology, poverty reduction and food security in GhanaYawson, R. M.
2010Agriculture in Ghana and its impact on maternal and child nutritionAtikpo, M. O.
1989Agro-allied industrial project profiles: a small-scale rice milling project in GhanaAndah, A.
1989Agro-allied industrial project profiles: briquetting of agricultural and forestry residuesAndah, A.
2007Agronomic and nutritional characteristics of fourteen Ghanaian groundnut varietiesFrimpong, A.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Baidoo, E. A.
2014Ailments and application of pleurotus tuber-regium (ptr) among indigenes of two regions in GhanaDzomeku, M.; Apetorgbor, A. K.; Apetorgbor, M. M.; Obodai, M.
1998Air-drying characteristics of plantain (Musa AAB)Johnson, P. N. T.; Brennan, J. G.; Addo-Yobo, F. Y.
1975Allantoin in shea kernelAta, J. K. B. A.; Fejer, D.
2017Amylose and amylopectin molecular fractions and chain length distribution of amylopectin in 12 varieties of Ghanaian sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) floursTortoe, C.; Akonor, P. T.; Koch, K.; Menzel, C.; Adofo, K.
2001Analysis for proximate and mineral composition of foods: manualKpodo, K. A.; Amevor, W. K.; Ankrah, D.; Amey, N. K.
2008Analysis of the Ghana School Feeding Program (GSFP)Quaye, W.