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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Economic assessment of the Tamale parboiled rice improvement programmeQuaye, W.; Manful, J. T.; Gayin, J.; Yawson, I.2005Technical Report
Economic comparison of cassava processing methods in some selected districts of Ghana, AfricaQuaye, W.; Yawson, I.; Gayin, J.; Plahar, W. A.2009Article
Economic feasibility of maltose production in GhanaQuaye, W.; Ameleke, G.; Dziedzoave, N. T.2002Technical Report
Economics of feeding course participants at GreenhillQuartey, C. K.1985Technical Report
Economics of storage practice: the low cost modern cribQuartey, C. K.; Vowotor, K. A.1988Technical Report
Edible oil utilization in Ghanaian homesAta, J. K. B. A.1972Article
Education of girls from Kunkwak and cultivation of riceAtikpo, M. O.2010Technical Report
Effect of added purple-fleshed sweet potato and cassava flour on the quality of wheat-based biscuitsAkonor, P. T.; Pobee, R. A.; Buckman, E. S.; Ziegler, G. R.2015Article
Effect of agitation and antagonism between sucrose and sodium chloride on mass transfer during osmo-dehydration in plant materialsTortoe, C.; Orchard, J.; Beezer, A.2009Article
The effect of applying GMP and HACCP to traditional food processing at a semi-commercial kenkey production plant in GhanaAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Ngunjiri, P.; Anlobe, J.; Kpodo, K.; Halm, M.; Hayford, A. E.; Jakobsen, M.2007Article
Effect of artisanal parboiling methods on milling yield and cooked rice textural characteristicsManful, J. T.; Abbey, L. D.; Coker, R. D.2009Article
Effect of blanching and frying on textural profile and appearance of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) french friesGraham-Acquaah, S.; Ayernor, G. S.; Bediako-Amoa, B.; Saalia, F. S.; Afoakwa, E. O.; Abbey, L. D.2015Article
Effect of blanching and osmotic pre-treatment on drying kinetics, shrinkage and rehydration of chayote (Sechium edule) during convective dryingAkonor, P. T.; Tortoe, C.2014Article
Effect of boiling and roasting on the fermentation of soybeans into dawadawa (soy-dawadawa)Dakwa, S.; Sakyi-Dawson, E.; Diako, C.; Annan, N. T.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.2005Article
Effect of cassava starch on the strength of wheat flours milled in Ghana and their use in biscuitsAndah, A.1977Article
Effect of cassava varietal differences and fermentation time on the quality of agbelimaDziedzoave, N. T.; Ellis, W. O.; Oldham, J. H.1996Other
Effect of cassava variety and processing methods on the performance of ‘kudeme’ in agbelima productionEllis, W. O.; Dziedzoave, N. T.; Boakye, K.; Simpson, B. K.; Smith, J. P.1997Article
The effect of citric acid in lime mash on the composition of lime oilAta, J. K. B. A.1973Article
Effect of cowpea flour particle size and its distribution on characteristics of aklaDovlo, F. E.1980Technical Report
Effect of culture medium on the inhibitory activity of streptomycinChristian, W. F. K.1970Article