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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Gamma irradiation and drying method: the effects on kola nut powderDarfour, R.; Ofori, H.; Asare, I. K.2021Article
The gendered nature of productive and reproductive roles in the agricultural sectorWahaga, E.2018Article
Genotyping of starter cultures of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus pumilus for fermentation of African locust bean (Parkia biglobosa) to produce SoumbalaOuoba, L. I. I.; Diawara, B.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.; Traore, A. S.; Moller, P. L.2004Article
Geosensors to support crop production: current applications and user requirementsThessler, S.; Kooistra, L.; Teye, F. K.; Huitu, H.; Bregt, A. K.2011Article
Ghana cassava industrialisation partnership project (GCIPP) completion reportKomlaga, G. A.2021Technical Report
Ghana`s food industries: an economic analysisReusse, E.1968Technical Report
Ghanaian cocoa bean fermentation characterized by spectroscopic and chromatographic methods and chemometricsAculey, P. C.; Snitkjaer, P.; Owusu, M.; Bassompiere, M.; Takrama, J.; Nørgaard, L.; Petersen, M. A.; Nielsen, D. S.2010Article
Globalization vs. localization: global food challenges and local solutionsQuaye, W.; Jongerden, J.; Essegbey, G.; Ruivenkamp, G.2010Article
Growing and processing moringa leavesNoamesi, S.; Amaglo, N.; Adevu, M.; Glover-Amengor, M.; Dosu, G.; Adjepong, P.; Adam, S.; Attipoe, P.2010Book
Growth and production of aflatoxins by a flavus in aqueous fruit extracts of pepper, okra and tomatoMensah, J. K.; Owusu, E.; Anyebuno, G. A. A.2014Article
Growth and yield of three Pleurotus species on rice strawNarh, D. L.; Obodai, M.2013Article
Growth and yield performance of different exotic strains of eight pleurotus species cultivated on Triplochiton scleroxylon in GhanaObodai, M.; Dzomeku, M.; Narh, D. L.2011Article
Growth factors and cultivation of Pleurotus tuber-regium on selected plant wastesApetorgbor, A. K.; Dzomeku, M.; Apetorgbor, M. M.2013Article
Growth of yeasts, lactic and acetic acid bacteria in palm wine during tapping and fermentation from felled oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) in GhanaAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Sampson, E.; Tano-Debrah, K.2007Article
A guide for environmental health officers, NGOs, street food vendors and food caterersTomlins, K. I.; Johnson, P. N. T.; Tortoe, C.2005Other
Guide of good practices for the moringa industry in GhanaGlover-Amengor, M.2008Other
A guide to controlling bacterial pathogens in fresh-cut fruitsAndoh-Odoom, A. H.; Ackah, N. B.2017Other
Guide to food packaging and packaging materialsJohnson, P. N. T.2008Book
Guidelines on factors to be considered for the implementation of a national composite flours programme in GhanaAndah, A.1982Technical Report
HACCP system for traditional African fermented foods: kenkeyAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Halm, M.; Jakobsen, M.1998Book