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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
HACCP system for traditional African fermented foods: kenkeyAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Halm, M.; Jakobsen, M.1998Book
HACCP system for traditional African fermented foods: soumbalaDiawara, B.; Sawadogo, L.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.; Jakobsen, M.1998Book
HACCP system for traditional African fermented foods: soy-ogiAsagbra, A. Y.; Odunfa, S. A.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.; Jakobsen, M.1998Book
Handbook of complementary foods: family foods for breastfed children in GhanaHagan, L. L.; Glover-Amengor, M.2012Other
Handbook of potential benefits of reading for pleasure to childrenKavi, R. K.; Bugyei, K. A.2019Book
Handbook of street-vended foods in GhanaJohnson, P. N. T.; Tortoe, C.; Quayson, E. T.2006Other
Handling fresh fish in GhanaBonsu, L. A.1976Other
Handwashing knowledge, attitudes, and practices in GhanaOmari, R.; Zotor, F.; Baah-Tuahene, S.; Arthur, W.2022Article
Health risk assessment and levels of toxic metals in fishes (Oreochromis noliticus and Clarias anguillaris) from Ankobrah and Pra basins: impact of illegal mining activities on food safetyKortei, N. K.; Heymann, M. E.; Essuman, E. K.; Kpodo, F. M.; Akonor, P. T.; Lokpo, S. Y.; Boadi, N. O.; Ayim-Akonor, M.; Tettey, C.2020Article
Healthy Food Africa Project Report - 2021Atter, A.; Blessie, E. J.; Nketia, S.; Andoh-Odoom, A.; Nyako, J.; Owusu, M.; Akonor, P. T.; Ofori, H.; Ampah, J.; Bugyei, K. A.; Obodai, M.; Amoa-Awua, W.2021Technical Report
Heavy metal analysis of fruit juice and soft drinks bought from retail market in Accra, GhanaOfori, H.; Owusu, M.; Anyebuno, G. A. A.2013Article
Heavy metal and proximate composition associated with the composting of cassava (Manihot esculenta) peels used in the cultivation of mushrooms in GhanaObodai, M.; Ofori, H.; Dzomeku, M.; Takli, R. K.; Komlaga, G. A.; Dziedzoave, N. T.; Narh Mensah, D. L.; Prempeh, J.; Sonnenberg, A.2014Article
Heavy metals geochemistry in selected districts of Upper East region soils, GhanaEssel, K. K.2017Article
High incidence of aspergillus flavus and aflatoxins in stored groundnut in Ghana and the use of a microbial assay to assess the inhibitory effects of plant extracts on aflatoxin synthesisAwuah, R. T.; Kpodo, K. A.1996Article
High quality yam flour: reducing post-harvest losses in fresh yamKomlaga, G. A.; Dowuona, S.; Tandoh Wordey, M.; Dziedzoave, N. T.2016Other
High-performance thin-layer chromatographic fingerprinting of sandalwood essential oilsOfori, H.; Hettiaraohchi, D.; Sostaric, T.; Busetti, F.; Boyce, M. C.2019Article
Histamine levels in six species of processed finfishes from Ghanaian coastal watersAmponsah, S. K. K.; Nketia, S.; Arthur, W.; Tandoh, I.; Narh, D. L.; Kyei-Baffour, V.2017Technical Report
History of CSIR-Food Research InstituteOduro-Yeboah, C.; Wahaga, E.; Eyison, F. L. E.2021Technical Report
Hot smoke fish curingCaurie, M.; Lee, T. C.; Salomon, M.; Chichester, C. O.1974Article
Household food security determinants and nutritional status of inhabitants of a peri-urban community: a case study in the Volta region of GhanaKortei, N. K.; Koryo-Dabrah, A.; Esua-Amoafo, P.; Yarfi, C.; Nyasordzi, J.; Essuman, E. K.; Tettey, C. O.; Nartey, E. B.; Awude, E.; Akonor, P. T.2022Article