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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
Lactic acid bacteria in fermenting maize doughChristian, W. F. K.1970Article
Lactic acid fermentation of cassava dough into agbelimaAmoa-Awua, W. K.; Appoh, F. E.; Jakobsen, M.1996Article
Lactic acid tolerance determined by measurement of intracellular pH of single cells of Candida krusei and Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolated from fermented maize doughHalm, M.; Hornbaek, T.; Arneborg, N.; Sefa-Dedeh, S.; Jespersen, L.2004Article
Lactobacillus garii sp. nov., isolated from a fermented cassava productDiaz, M.; Sayavedra, L.; Atter, A.; Mayer, M. J.; Saha, S.; Amoa-Awua, W.; Narbad, A.2020Article
Lactobacillus ghanensis sp. nov. a motile lactic acid bacterium isolated from Ghanaian cocoa fermentationsNielsen, D. S.; Schillinger, U.; Franz, C. M. A. P.; Bresciani, J.; Amoa-Awua, W. K.; Holzapfel, W. H.; Jakobsen, M.2007Article
Let's adopt and implement the draft national food safety policyAndoh, A. H.; Ackah, N. B.; Abbey, L. D.2015Other
The level of tocopherol in Ghanaian oilsAta, J. K. B. A.; Cobbina, A.1973Article
Levels of aflatoxin and heavy metal containants in two non-alcoholic beverages, Asaana and Nmedaa, and two alcoholic beverages, Burukutu and Pito, produced by the informal sector in GhanaOsei, C. B.2020Thesis
Lifestyle nutritional survey report: Krachi, Sekyere East, West Gonja and Yendi DistrictNti, C. A.; Plahar, W. A.; Quaye, W.; Dzomeku, M.2004Other
Livelihoods in the Kumasi peri-urban interface (KPUI)Vowotor, K. A.2005Other
The lobster, shrimp and prawn industry in Ghana: species, ecology, fishing and landing sites, handling and exportEntsua-Mensah, M.; deGraft-Johnson, K. A. A.; Atikpo, M. O.; Abbey, L. D.2002Technical Report
Main traditional food uses of cassava in GhanaAndah, A.1983Technical Report
Maize for humansClottey, J. A.1971Other
Maize in the Ghanaian dietDovlo, F. E.1973Article
Maize malting for optinum diastatic activity and riboflavin developmentPlahar, W. A.1976Technical Report
Maize processing in Ghana: a report on kenkey productionKpodo, K. A.2004Technical Report
Maize production and marketing in the Gomoa area of the Central Region of GhanaKuranchie, P. A.1974Technical Report
Maize quality requirements of producers of six traditional Ghanaian maize productsJohnson, P. N. T.; Halm, M.1998Article
Maize quality, processing and utilization research in GhanaManful, J. T.1998Technical Report
Managing network infrastructure with a small business serverBugyei, K. A.; Kavi, R. K.; Braimah, R.; Mensah, D.2018Technical Report