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Title: Mushroom technology
Authors: Yakubu, M.
Nketia, S.
Tortoe, C.
Keywords: Mushroom;Mushroom technology;Ghana
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Mushroom technology involves culturing of different strains of mushrooms (production of mushroom spawns) in a mushroom laboratory and cultivating mushrooms using various agricultural wastes such as rice straw, sawdust, plantain/banana leaves, cassava peels, yam peels, cocoa husks etc. Both edible and medicinal mushrooms are produced. Compared to other crops, mushroom cultivation has a shorter cycle of 3-4 months from composting to harvesting. Mushroom cultivation does not require large acres of land and huge irrigation dams. Our society has evolved into a health conscious one and this has resulted in an exponential increase in mushroom consumption. Therefore, mushroom cultivation has become a very lucrative business with high profit margins
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