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Title: Effect of processing and storage on physical and texture qualities of oyster mushrooms canned in different media
Authors: Nketia, S.
Buckman, E. S.
Dzomeku, M.
Akonor, P. T.
Keywords: Oyster mushrooms;Canning;Canning medium;Storage;Texture profile analysis
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier B. V.
Citation: Scientific African, 9, 1-7
Abstract: This study evaluated the influence of packing medium on some physicochemical, textural, and microbial properties of canned oyster mushrooms during storage. Mushrooms canned in brine or oil was stored at room temperature for six months. During this period pH, leached solids, drained weight, instrumental color, and texture were evaluated by standard methods. The results showed a 21% and 64% reduction in mushroom hardness after blanching and canning respectively. The pH of canning media ranged from 6.4 to 6.5 for brine and 5.6 to 5.8 for oil, during storage. Drained weight was higher in oil (124 – 127 g) compared to brine (104 – 120 g) whereas the extent of leaching was higher for mushrooms canned in brine. Mushrooms in brine were firmer (8.8 N) and chewier (3.6 N), compared to those canned in oil (7.6 N and 4.1 N). A significant reduction in firmness was recorded after the sixth month in both media. Color, chewiness, and springiness of the canned mushrooms were stable during the six-month storage period. The study showed that whereas brine provided good stability in pH and color, oil was a better medium for reducing leaching and maintaining the drained weight of canned mushrooms during storage
ISSN: 2468-2276
Journal Name: Scientific African
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