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Title: Chemical, microbial quality, and risk assessment due to toxic metal contamination of egusi (Citrullus colocynthis L.) powder sold in selected Ghanaian markets
Authors: Arthur, W.
Ofori, J.
Addo, P.
Amey, N.
Kortei, N. K.
Akonor, P. T.
Keywords: Microbial quality;Risk assessment;Metal contamination;Egusi powder;Physicochemical quality;Ghana
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Hindawi
Citation: International Journal of Food Science, 2020, 1-8
Abstract: The present study was undertaken to investigate the physicochemical and microbiological qualities of melon seed powder sold in some open Ghanaian markets. Twenty-five samples of powder were collected randomly from each of four major markets and analyzed for moisture, pH, total ash, acid insoluble ash, and free fatty acids (FFA) using standard methods. The microbial population was determined using the pour plate method. Melon seed powder samples had a neutral pH (6.9-7.3) and contained significant amounts of ash (0.1-0.6%). Acid insoluble ash of powder from one market was high (0.6%) and possibly indicate contamination with siliceous earth material. FFA ranged between 4.1 and 11.6% for powder from the four markets. Levels of lead were higher (0.4-0.8 ppm) than other metals such as cadmium (0.02 ppm) and copper (0.3-0.6 ppm). HQ values >1 were recorded for Pb, implying a greater risk of toxicity to consumers. Counts for aerobic bacteria, fecal coliforms, and yeast and molds were in the range of 3.2-4.4, 1.6-4.0, 1.4-2.8, and 1.1-3.2 log CFU/g correspondingly for these organisms. E. coli was not detected in any of the melon seed powder samples analyzed. This study highlights the need for proper handling of melon seed during processing, storage, and distribution, to safeguard its quality for consumers
Journal Name: International Journal of Food Science
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