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Title: Report on investors` foru on parboiled plantain chunks technology held at Directors` Conference room, CSIR-Food Research Institute, Accra on 9th August, 2022
Authors: Oduro-Yeboah, C.
Kongor, J. E.
Asiamah, E.
Padi, A.
Boateng, C.
Keywords: Parboiled plantain;Plantain chunks technology;Ghana
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: CSIR-Food Research Institute, Accra
Abstract: The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Food Research Institute (CSIR-FRI) organized an Investors’ Forum at the Directors’ Conference Room, CSIR-Food Research Institute, Accra on Tuesday, 9th August, 2022. The theme for the forum was, “Towards sustainable postharvest management of plantains”. The day forum was attended by four (4) Research Scientists, eleven (11) processors, two (2) MoFA Officers, eight (8) Administration Officers, two (2) DAEs, four (4) from CSIR-MAG Secretariats, one (1) Principal Technologist, four (4) Senior Technologists, and three (3) Technician. A total of 37 participants attended the Investors’ Forum organized by CSIR-FRI under the MAG project. The purpose of the forum was to expose participants to frozen plantain chunks technology and products for uptake and commercialization to reduce postharvest losses of plantain. It was aimed at creating a common platform for investors, entrepreneurs, processors, farmers, research scientist and financial institutions. The forum was chaired by Prof. Charles Tortoe, the Director of CSIR-FRI
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