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Title: Agronomic and nutritional characteristics of fourteen Ghanaian groundnut varieties
Authors: Frimpong, A.
Johnson, P. N. T.
Baidoo, E. A.
Keywords: Groundnut;Improved varieties;Agronomy;Yield;Nutritional content
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Citation: Tropical Science, 47 (4), 159-164
Abstract: The growth and yield parameters of 14 groundnut varieties were evaluated at three locations in Ghana, and key physical and nutritional characteristics of the grains were measured and compared. Kernel yields ranged from 940 kg ha−1 to 1463 kg ha−1. Grain length and 100-grain mass were not consistently and strongly correlated, and the inconsistency may be partly due to differences in oil content, which has implications for processing of the different varieties. The protein content of the varieties ranged from 25.6% to 29.6% and many of the varieties would be suitable for dietary protein supplementation. No variety scored consistently highly for all characteristics, but varieties CSTV404MB and CS-49 grew very well, and had high protein contents and moderately high oil contents, so they can be recommended for oil extraction and protein supplementation of local diets low in protein
ISSN: 0041-3291
Journal Name: Tropical Science
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