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Title: Studies on the quality of traditionally smoked-dry snail meat (Achatina achatina) in Ghana
Authors: Tettey, E. C. T.
Osei-Yaw, A.
Hodare-Okae, M.
Keywords: Ghana;Snail meat;Achatina achatina;Snail meat processing
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Ghana
Citation: Ghana Journal Of Agricultural Science, 30, 145-150
Abstract: The quality of traditionally smoked-dry snail m~t as it occurred on the open market in Ghana was investigated. Quality evaluation on representative samples of the product collected involved proximate composition, water rehydration capacity, microbiological and sensory analyses. A preliminary survey was also carried out to identify the processing procedure, raw material used, handling, packaging, and storage of smoked-dry snail meat. Results of the work indicated lack of hygienically controlled processing procedures, the use of poor quality snail meat for processing, and poor handling and storage procedures for the unpackaged smoked-dry product. The quality of the smoked-dry product was also generally poor based on results of microbiological and sensory evaluations. Recommendations for improving smoked-dry snail meat processing, including quality checks required to prevent recontamination and improve shelf-life and eating quality of the product, have been given
ISSN: 0855-0042
Journal Name: Ghana Journal Of Agricultural Science
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