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Title: Dehydration of spontaneously fermented maize dough
Authors: Andah, A.
Osei-Yaw, A.
Keywords: Fermented maize dough;Maize dough;Dehydration;Corn dough
Issue Date: 1979
Publisher: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR),Food Research Institute, Ghana
Abstract: Sponteneously fermented corn dough was dehydrated at 60ᵒC. 100ᵒC 120ᵒC and 130°C for various periods in a hot air tray drier. Dehydration resulted in browning of the products. Using the Lovibond Tintometer the colour of undehydrated maize dough (control) was found to be 0.6 ye11ov end 0.2 red. Of the four temperatures used 60°C gave product with colour quite close to the control (0.5 yellow and 0.3 red) whilst 130ᵒC gave the darkest colour (0.2 yellow, 0.1 red and 0.1 blue). All four dehydration temperatures did not seem to affect the total acid content of the product. The levels of starch gelatinization in the dehydrated products ranged from 0.4 to 2.0% Taste panel score weree used to assess the acceptability of 'banku' and `akasa` made from the dehydrated products , The results show that dehydration above 12ᵒC produces burnt flavour in the cooked products. Dehydration temperatures of 60ᵒc, 100°C and 120°C are suitable for the production of acceptable products
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