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Title: Report on technology transfer of fufu flour to microscale fufu producers in the Eastern and Volta regions of Ghana
Authors: Tortoe, C.
Johnson, P. N. T.
Oduro-Yeboah, C.
Anaglo, J.
Quayson, E. T.
Keywords: Technology transfer;Fufu flour;Producers;Ghana
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR),Food Research Institute, Ghana
Abstract: Suhum in the Eastern Region and Sokode in the Volta Region are two popular rest stops on the Accra-Kumasi and Ho-Accra highways, respectively. Commuters using the two highways usually stop in these towns to patronize a number of restaurants where traditional fufu is the main dish. As part of the studies on the contribution of the cassava processing industry to the livelihood of farmers and artisanal processors under the EU/CSIR-FRI Cassava Project, qualitative data were collected from thirty members of the Traditional Caterers Association using a checklist to assess the contributions of fufu processing to their livelihoods at Suhum and Sokode. A focus group discussion was held to validate the findings. It was found that even though fufu processing contributes a lot to their incomes and therefore their standard of living, they face many constraints. Some of these constraints included availability and cost of cassava roots especially during the lean season, shortage of labour for fufu pounding, traditional ban on fufu pounding during annual festival of the people of Suhum and unsold pounded fufu at the end of the day among others. The study recommended the use of fufu flour as complement to traditional pounded fufu to reduce drudgery and wastage as well as lost of income caused by unsold pounded fufu. The concept of using fufu flour as a convenience form of the traditional fufu and the technology for its production were therefore transferred to these micro-scale fufu producers through a series of workshops and hands-on demonstrations. Impact studies conducted a year later showed some amount of adaptation
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